Farming PNG

AVME - Decentralized Antivirus

Farming PNG is simple with the 2.0 wallet and Chrome/Firefox AVME browser plugin.

Step one is to ensure you have AVME & AVAX in your account to add to the liquidity pool (LP).

Step two is to head over to the Pangolin website to add your tokens to the pool. Once on the site, click Connect at the top right of the page to connect your AVME wallet to the Dapp as "Metamask".

Once connected you can select how much you'd like to add to the LP, then click "Supply" to add the tokens to the LP. Click "Confirm Supply" on the popup, and your AVME wallet will prompt you for your password to continue.

Step three is to start farming! Head over to the Pangolin Farms page and filter for AVME, find the correct pool, and click "Deposit".

From there click "Deposit PGL Tokens" to add LP to the farm, choose "Max" and then press Confirm! Your AVME wallet will again prompt you for your password to continue.

Head back to that page later to harvest your PNG earned, which will appear right in your AVME wallet. Remember to add the PNG token into the wallet so you can see the balance!

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