AVME web Browser Extension: Getting started

This is a quick guide on how to obtain and set up the AVME wallet web browser extension.

Web browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox 🔗

The AVME web browser extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox. You can get it using the links below.
Google Chrome

How to set up your AVME web browser extension 💻

Once obtained and properly configured, the AVME web browser extension will allow you to freely interact with the UI of your favorite Dapp while making use of the AVME desktop wallet and enjoying its security and speed.
Enable the extension
Remember that in order to properly use the AVME web browser extension you must have your AVME desktop wallet open.
Once connected it should look like this
Now you can access the website of the Dapp you want to use. In this case, Pangolin.
Go to your favorite Dapp
Once you access the Dapp website with the AVME web browser extension activated and wallet open, a notification will appear in your AVME desktop wallet.
Click on "yes"
Now you can interact with Pangolin while using the AVME desktop wallet.
Click on swap
Confirm the transaction using your passphrase
After a couple of seconds your transaction will be done!