Wallet Basics

AVME - Decentralized Antivirus

Download the wallet here: https://github.com/avme/avme-wallet/releases and execute, bypassing SmartScreen (Windows) if necessary. Our application has been signed but requires time in the wild to gather consensus on validity. This message will go away in the near future.

Create Wallet Address

Create your new wallet address:

Create a password and confirm it.

After a few moments, the client will fully load.

Receive and Exchange AVAX & AVME

At this point you have a running wallet that you can use with AVAX and AVME. The address at the top of your wallet is both your AVME and AVAX address. You can send either to this address and use the Exchange tab in the wallet to exchange one for the other.

Swap from TLM or AEX to AVME

If you intend to swap your AEX or TLM for AVME, please reach out directly to Ita#0001 on Discord (https://discord.com/invite/avme). He will collect information from you and swap your coins for tokens. He will also give you a small amount of AVAX for you to pay for a few transactions.

Liquidity Pool & Staking

To stake, first you will need liquidity pool (LP) tokens from the pool. To receive those, head to the Exchange/Liquidity tab. In the Liquidity Pool Details panel, enter the amounts of AVAX and AVME you want to send to the pool (when you enter one amount, the other is calculated automatically for you). Make sure you have both enough AVAX and AVME funds, then click on "Add to the Pool" and confirm the transaction. You should now have some LP in your wallet!

After that, head to the Staking tab. In the Staking Details panel, click on the "Approve" button and confirm the blank transaction to be able to stake/unstake LP tokens.

Then, go back to the Staking screen, enter the amount of LP tokens you want to stake and click on the "Stake" button, then confirm the transaction.

You should now be able to harvest AVME rewards in the Harvesting Details panel!

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