Binance to AVME

How to send funds to our AVME wallet from Binance

After you have bought some AVAX from Binance you need to go to your Spot Wallet then choose to Withdraw:

Then we need to go to our AVAX Wallet and copy our X-Chain Address:

After copying our X-Chain address, we will fill our Address field and choose the amount of AVAX to withdraw, then press the “Withdraw” button. After confirming the withdrawal request with our 2FA, the request will be sent for approval.

Some moments after sending the request we will receive the AVAX in our AVAX Wallet:

We must go now to the “Cross Chain” tab at the left:

We must now select the X-Chain as our Source Chain and the C-Chain as our Destination Chain, select the transfer amount we are going to send to our C-Chain address and confirm the transaction. Moments after confirming the transaction, it will do the Export from the X-Chain to Import it to the C-Chain address of our AVAX Wallet:

Now we need to go to the “Send” tab at the left and then go to our AVME Wallet to copy our AVAX C-Chain address:

We need to choose the C-Chain as our Source Chain and fill the address field with our AVME Wallet C-Chain address and amount to send the transaction:

Some seconds later we will have the AVAX we sent in our AVME Wallet address:

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