Farming AVME

AVME - Decentralized Antivirus

Farming AVME through the AVME/AVAX pair is straightforward, but the process has changed since the original released wallet. With Version 2.x, you are required to add an exchange to the wallet to add liquidity.

Step one is to ensure you have AVME & AVAX in your account to add to the liquidity pool (LP).

Step two is to add the Pangolin DEX as an application in the wallet. To do this, navigate to Applications on the left, and select "ADD APPLICATION" on the bottom.

Select "Pangolin DEX" and click "INSTALL APPLICATION".

The exchange will now appear in the center, and it can be opened on the right by clicking "OPEN APPLICATION".

Step three is adding your token pair to the LP. First, select "LIQUIDITY" on the right, then choose the amount you'd like to add on the left, then add "ADD TO THE POOL".

The last step is to start farming rewards! Head over to YY Compound (Yield Yak) on the left, then select the amount of LP you'd like to add (I typically just hit MAX), then click "STAKE".

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