AVME wallet: Getting started

This quick guide will take you through the whole process of downloading and setting up the AVME desktop wallet and web browser extension on your computer.

Let's get started!

Where can I get the AVME desktop wallet & web browser extension? 🛡️

You can download the AVME desktop wallet right now directly from our Official Github page. The AVME web browser extension is already available for Google Chrome and Firefox. This web browser extension is very important as it allows you to connect any Dapp directly to your AVME desktop wallet unlocking its full potential.

Note: keep in mind that AVME Desktop Wallet is in a constant process of improvement through periodic updates so you will have to keep up with these updates in order to enjoy all the new features.

How can I create a new address, import it from Metamask or Avalanche? 👛

Once you have obtained the AVME desktop wallet and its web browser extension, the next step is to create a new address or import your Metamask seed phrase. Users can import their 12-word (Metamask) as well as 24-word (Avalanche) seed phrase.

To quickly import your seed phrase you can go o the “+create/import” and then click on the seed icon and choose whether you want to import 12 or 24 words.

Once you have pasted your seed phrase, the next step is to choose a passphrase. This passphrase is very important as it is part of the strict security levels in the AVME wallet and will need to be entered in order to accomplish every operation. Having a passphrase that only the user knows greatly increases security and although we know it can be annoying to have to enter it every time a transaction is made, it is one of the things that differentiates the AVME wallet from Metamask in terms of general security.

Once inside the AVME Desktop Wallet 💻

If you got this far it means that you successfully managed to create or import your wallet and you are already inside the AVME desktop wallet. There are a couple of things you might want to do before you start using it like adding your favorite tokens or getting some integrations from the Dapp store inside the wallet.

Let’s add some tokens! 💰

Adding tokens to the AVME wallet is very easy and we make it even easier with a predefined list of tokens that are constantly being updated. If the token you want to add is not on the list, you can request it in the official AVME Discord server or Telegram group.

Of course, you can also add any token by using its contract address.

Let’s get some Dapps! 🛒

The modularity of the AVME desktop wallet will make your life easier as it offers you a wide library of Dapps ready to be added directly to your wallet to create a tailored user experience.

Dapps such as Pangolin, Trader Joe, Lydia Finance, and many more have been integrated into the AVME wallet allowing you to add or withdraw liquidity from your favorite pair as well as use the exchange of any of these platforms directly from the AVME desktop wallet.

NFTs 🖼️

The AVME Desktop Wallet also has support for NFTs which allows you to store and view all your Avalanche C-Chain NFTs in a quick and easy way. You can get the NFT viewer in the same way you get other Dapps inside the AVME wallet by installing it from the Dapps store.

Note: Support for NFT transactions will come in future versions of the wallet.

The AVME web browser extension 🔗

The AVME web browser extension works as the best complement for the desktop wallet as it allows you to connect any Dapp from the Avalanche ecosystem directly to your AVME desktop wallet, creating a unique experience where users can interact with the UI of their favorite Dapps while still enjoying of the security and speed provided by the AVME wallet.

This web browser extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Remember that in order to use the AVME web browser extension you must have your desktop wallet open, this way you will be able to connect it to any Dapp in the Avalanche ecosystem.

With the web browser extension and AVME wallet open you can now interact with any Dapp you want. Remember that you must have your AVME desktop wallet open to be able to confirm all your transactions from there.

Once you connect the website to your AVME wallet through its web browser extension you will be able to interact with the Dapp as you normally would but with the advantage of using the AVME desktop wallet to confirm all your transactions.

You will notice the increased speed, not to mention the huge utility that the integrations offer, all within a totally secure environment with multiple layers of encryption. This is because the AVME Desktop Wallet was built from the ground up with the Avalanche user in mind.

We hope this quick guide has been helpful for all new users who are interested in switching from Metamask to the AVME desktop wallet.

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